Why There Is No Substitute To Travelling By Boat

Owning and using your own boat to travel is one of life’s true pleasures. Plus it’s something that not all that many people do. Boating gives you ultimate freedom and allows you to travel to a wide variety of destinations. This post will argue why the best way to travel is by boat. It might not be the fastest mode of transport, but it’s certainly the best.



The Social Life

Sailing the lonely seas might not sound like the ideal way to get your social life moving, but you’d be surprised. Boating tends to be a tight knit community. And many sailors love sailing because they get to build new relationships with new people. If you have your own boat, invite others along for the adventure. If you are travelling on other people’s boats, get to know the other people on board. Before you know it you’ll be exchanging stories like old friends and having a whale of a time.

The Freedom



If you want to travel to another country, you usually have to go through an airport. And if one thing is true about airports today, it’s that they don’t affirm your sense of personal liberty.

Travelling by boat couldn’t be more different. First off, border guards tend to be a lot more relaxed. But more than that, you get to experience the freedom of the open seas. On the water, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want and not fear about trespassing on private property.

It’s Cheap

Though it’s not true that buying a boat is cheap, travelling by one is. That’s because you’re not burning a mountain of fuel every second like you are on a plane. When people find out about ferry prices, they usually end up chuckling to themselves about how inexpensive it is. But if you’re travelling the world, you can actually do it even cheaper by hitching rides with cargo ships and feluccas.

Before you go out on a trip, make sure that everything is in good working order. Ask trusted boat electrical systems specialists to make sure the electrical systems are in good working order. Hiring a tugboat is an expensive way to end a trip.

It’s Exciting

Most forms of transport feel rather safe and clinical. Trains are silky smooth and travelling by aeroplane is about as boring as it gets. Not so travelling by boat. Travelling by boat still evokes the spirit of Christopher Columbus, exploring uncharted territory. You never know when land will suddenly appear on the horizon or when you might find an island full of buried treasure. Well, perhaps that last point was a little over the top: but you get what I mean. Boating is about adventure as much as it is about getting from point A to point B.

It’s Leisurely

When travelling by boat, you get time to think and watch the world go by. Some people might see that as a negative. But that’s essentially what boating is all about. It’s harkening back to an earlier time, less obsessed with efficiency.

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