What to Do in the Poconos in Every Season

The Poconos region spans 2,400 square miles and is known for its mountainous peaks, abundant forests, waterfalls, wildlife, and ample opportunities to get out and explore the countryside. Indeed, one of the best things about this area is that you can visit any time of year and find something fun to do. Here’s a small fraction of what you can look forward to during each season in the Poconos.



Image via Flickr by Alexander Day

Between the lows of winter and the highs of summer, spring is one of the best times to get outdoors and go hiking or biking in the Pocono Mountains. Plan a trip to one of these areas:

  • Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
  • Bushkill Falls
  • Dingmans Falls

You’ll find dozens of locations and trails to explore, but each of these will give you a look at the area’s best waterfalls. The tallest one at Bushkill towers at over 100 feet high.

One of the best things about exploring the state parks and nature areas in the Poconos is that the mountain range is a popular spot for discount hotels, luxury accommodations, and everything in between. Check out a Poconos hotel room from Hotel Planner in the area to enjoy proximity to these natural spots and all the other local attractions.


Summer in the Poconos is ideal for swimming and water sports. A visit to one of the waterfalls will cool you down, but you can also go swimming or camping at Worthington State Forest or Beltzville State Park. You’ll find beach areas at Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area and Gouldsboro State Park as well.

The area is also home to a couple of water parks that the whole family will love. Visit Camelbeach Waterpark, which features indoor and outdoor pools and slides, or go to Aquatopia, which has water slides, water rides, and a swim-up bar where you can order a cocktail and some bar food.



Image via Flickr by Ravi_Shah

Poconos is in a northeastern part of the United States that ignites with color every fall. From September through November, you can visit locations throughout the states to see the changing leaves. If your priority is to see the rich fall foliage deep in the mountains, keep an eye on the color forecast throughout the year in order to plan a successful vacation. The color zones run through the Poconos, so you should have several weeks in the fall when you can visit and see this phenomenon.

Fall is also a popular season for festivals in the Poconos. If you’re visiting this time of year, attend the Apple Harvest & Timber Festivals, Black Bear Film Festival, or Pocono Food Truck & Art on the Mountain event.


The area’s many ski resorts open their lifts and trails in the winter. These are a few of the areas where you can take the family for lessons, equipment rentals, and skiing and snowboarding fun:

  • Big Boulder Ski Area
  • Blue Mountain Resort
  • Camelback Mountain
  • Jack Frost Mountain
  • Shawnee Mountain Ski Area

Poconos promises tons of outdoor fun regardless of when you visit. Add these activities to your itinerary to make the most of your time in the Pennsylvania mountains.



Bridal Veil Falls (Columbia River Gorge)

BRIDAL VEIL FALLS, OREGON: It was a gloomy morning of early autumn (October, 2015) when I drove to Columbia River Gorge in Oregon to capture some fall colors. I wasn’t going to visit Multnomah Falls or Latourell Falls or Horsetail Falls, because I’ve been there and done those. This time I decided to go somewhere, of course another falls in the gorge, but within short hike…I mean very short. I wasn’t in the mood of lots of walking, but I was in the mood for some yellow, orange, and red leaves. Unfortunately, it was drizzling the whole morning…making my camera wet and hard to work with. But still got to enjoy some quietness there with few other photographers and tourists.

Bridal Veil Creek, a short distance from the famous Multnomah Falls in the gorge

Bridal Veil Creek, a short distance from the famous Multnomah Falls in the gorge

Not too far from Latourell Falls, Bridal Veil Falls is another spectacular site of this gorge in Pacific Northwest of the U.S.  The hike is short, perfect for beginners and for any ages. Start your journey to the falls from the Bridal Veil State Park. Parking is ample for the tourists. After few feet of steep but pleasant steps on a winding footpath, I was standing on the wet wooden bridge on Bridal Veil Creek. Did I mention, it is a calm place to enjoy a perfect autumn morning?

Bridal Veil Creek in an autumn morning of October, 2015

Bridal Veil Creek in an autumn morning of October, 2015

After the creek I went near the water to get some close up shots. Then came back up towards the ascending stairs to a vantage point with a good view of the falls. From there you can see the tiered falls with the upper falls dropping 60-100 feet and the lower falls dropping 40-60 feet.

Bridal Veil Falls, Oregon

Bridal Veil Falls, Oregon

I am planning to go back to the gorge again within couple weeks, may be to another falls for more colors. Hope you enjoy these pictures and make a stop here next time you are in Oregon.

Frozen Beauty – Horsetail Falls in Oregon

We started our 2015 by visiting some frozen falls on Historic Columbia River Highway in Oregon. It was the afternoon of January 1st, 2015 when we started driving towards this scenic highway. My uncle-in-law from Chicago was visiting us and we wanted to show him the wintry look of Oregon. We first visited Latourell Falls, then made an attempt to visit Bridal Veil…but because of the icy path, we couldn’t go all the way down to the falls. Then started driving towards Multnomah Falls. And from there, another ten minutes drive to our final spot Horsetail Falls.

Multnomah Falls in January

Multnomah Falls in January

I’ve never visited Horsetail Falls before. It’s right on the historic scenic highway, you can’t miss it…because your car will be showered by the water from the falls. There is a small parking lot opposite of the falls. None of my family members came out, not only because it was freezing cold and windy, but also it was very slippery. I managed to go as close as possible towards the falls, took some pictures, and hopped right back inside the car.

Winter look of Horsetail Falls in Oregon

Winter look of Horsetail Falls in Oregon

Here are some pictures of frozen Horsetail Falls of Oregon. I am planning to go back there again in summer or autumn and will upload different view of the falls then. Happy New Year and best wishes to everyone.

Horsetail Falls in Oregon

Horsetail Falls in Oregon

Mystical Latourell Falls in Oregon

LATOURELL FALLS, OREGON: Latourell Falls is another gem of Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge. Located on the Historic Columbia River Highway, this holds no less charm than its granddaddy Multnomah Falls. This is a perfect place for family, kids, beginner hikers, photographers, nature-lovers, and anyone who enjoys outdoors. When this highway was completed in 1915, generous landowners donated property to create scenic retreats along the route. So when you are here, don’t leave the site without visiting the nearby historic bridges, numerous stunning falls, friendly hiking trails, and breathtaking views of the river, gorge, and mountains.

Latourell Falls - a gem of Columbia River Gorge in Oregon

Latourell Falls – a gem of Columbia River Gorge in Oregon

Latourell is a plunge falls with a majestic height of 249 feet that drops straight down from an overhanging basalt cliff. I took the Historic Columbia River Highway, passed Bridal Veil and Shepherd’s Dell to reach here. You don’t need to hike to see this one of a kind Columbia Gorge falls. It’s a nice and short walk from the parking lot. I was there around 9 in the morning in November 2014 and I was lucky to have that misty autumn morning surrounded by Latourell Falls and Creek all to myself. Autumn colors, mossy rocks, misty water, and wet wooden footbridge made this place right out of a fairy-tale book.

Latourell Falls drops straight down 249 feet from an overhanging basalt cliff...Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Latourell Falls drops straight down 249 feet from an overhanging basalt cliff…Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

It’s located in Guy W. Talbot State Park. I didn’t hike to see the upper Falls, but after a 0.8 mile of hike from the lower one, that’s supposed to be very rewarding too.


Autumn in Latourell Falls and creek in Oregon

Autumn in Latourell Falls and creek in Oregon

A magical fall morning in Latourell Falls in Oregon

A magical fall morning in Latourell Falls in Oregon

Picnic at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon

SILVER FALLS STATE PARK, OREGON: Famous for its breathtaking waterfalls, old buildings, and temperate rainforest, Silver Falls State Park is the largest of five beautiful State Parks in Oregon’s central Cascade region. I can’t promise you that you will be able to finish it in days or just weeks. It’s because you can do variety of outdoor adventures here as well as spend relaxed family time out in the nature. Play by the lake, spend a night under the stars, or just pack your lunch for a picnic in the forest.

Lush greenery of Silver Falls State Park in Oregon

Lush greenery of Silver Falls State Park in Oregon

TIME of TRAVEL: First time we were there was with some friends in 2010 or 2011. We only walked around and behind the South Falls then. This time we were there for a community picnic. Although most of the time we were in the picnic ground, I managed to sneak out couple times to get a distant view of the falls and its trail. But didn’t really manage to go too close to it. If you are a photographer, I would highly recommend coming here during the fall season…should be beautiful looking at the bright colors surrounding the soft veil of the falls.

EATING and SHOPPING: There aren’t much of shops in the park (of course) but I saw a café/restaurant very close to the South Falls. Best thing to do here is to bring your own food and a blanky and sit down on the soft grass or use a picnic bench for meal.

PLACES WE’VE VISITED: For now, I am only adding South Falls of this park in my blog. There are at least ten falls you come across when you start walking on Trail of Ten Falls….a true paradise for the hikers or nature lovers or photographers. I will keep adding them every-time I visit a new falls. We were at a picnic there, so I couldn’t hike on this trail.

SOUTH FALLS: One of the most gorgeous falls of Silver Falls State Park is the South Falls. You can see the exposed rock in the waterfalls and creek bed with layers of rock laid down over the course of 26 millions years. Either you are looking from a distance or walking right behind the falls or just standing on the wooden bridge in front of it and looking high…this falls is breathtaking from every possible angle.


South Falls in Silver Falls State Park in Oregon

South Falls in Silver Falls State Park in Oregon

I am not sure how long is the walk from top of the falls to all the down near the water and coming back to top again, but this is a bit steep hike in some areas. Some places are wet and muddy too. I even saw a thin and small snake on the upper portion of this trail. I am not saying these to scare you or anything…if my friend’s toddler boy can do it, then anybody can do it. Just use some cautions and wear comfortable shoes…it will be a sight to enjoy for all ages.



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