Got One Day in Irvine, CA?

My girls and I were in Palm Springs, California for the Thanksgiving weekend. It was a sudden trip and urge to visit California. We were in Palm Springs for 4 nights and 31/2 days. We had a rental car, so planned to drive 2 hours to Irvine to visit some friends and spend some time in Irvine.

Laguna Beach in Irvine, CA

Laguna Beach in Irvine, CA

As far as the landscape and heat, Irvine is very different from Palm Springs. We stayed in Coachella Valley in Palm Springs which is a part of the Sonoran Desert. There aren’t any beaches here, only mountains and oases. Irvine, on the other hand, is more crowded, has lots of beaches to hang out, and milder weather.


We spent about 7 or 8 hours in Irvine with my high school friend, her sister, and her husband. Since my friend and her husband are local there, they took us to some not-so-touristy places where we did avoid some crowed and had a very relaxed time.


Lunch & Dinner – When you are in California, eating burger at In N Out is a must…or at least for me and my kids. Our lunch was animal style burgers and fries from In N Out. For dinner, my friends took us to California Pizza Kitchen. It’s a local Italian place with really good food. Their flatbread with chicken, shrimp and zucchini pasta, mac ‘n cheese fried balls, and cauliflower crusted pizza (no carb at all) are not only healthy, but also very tasty. Even my girls loved the carb free, cauliflower crust pizza.


Crystal Cove State Park: This was our first stop. It’s a small free public beach near Irvine. We took some pictures from the cliff side at first, then walked down to the beach. There were bathrooms and showers for the kids to change and take a shower after the beach time. Opposite of the park, there is a big shopping center with some restaurants and etc.

Crystal Cove State Park in Irvine, CA

Crystal Cove State Park in Irvine, CA

Crescent Bay Park/Laguna Beach: Crescent Bay Park was absolutely a charm. It’s a really small park on the cliff of Laguna Beach. Some really beautiful houses stand in this neighborhood. We spent about 10 minutes in the Crescent Bay Park, took some pictures, then walked 10 minutes down the stairs to go to the Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach itself was a bit crowded. And since we already went in the water in Crystal Cove, we just hung out for only a few minutes and came up to go to the Top of the World before the sunset.

Crescent Bay Park in Irvine, CA

Crescent Bay Park in Irvine, CA


Top of the World: This is where the local or tourists come to enjoy beautiful sunset over the city. On one side, you can see the mountains and other the ocean. It does get a bit chilly in the late afternoon. We stayed there until the sun went down and it was a beautiful sunset indeed.

Sunset from Top of the World in Irvine, CA

Sunset from Top of the World in Irvine, CA


USA Theme Parks For All Ages

Theme parks are quite literally fun for all the family – they’re the very definition of it, in fact. No matter what the age of your kids, there’s something for everyone to enjoy – be it white-knuckle rides or a more sedate, quaint experience.

There’s literally hundreds of theme parks in North America, and particularly in the USA; the land of freedom and fun. If you’re a fan of a holiday that involves taking in a theme park, the biggest hurdle you’ll have to overcome is deciding where you should actually go.

So let’s break it down. Rather than comparing rides, amenities, what the shows are like – let’s focus on the overall vibe. While each theme park undoubtedly has something to offer the whole family ensemble, there are some that are best suited to particular ages.

Young Children (Ages 0 – 4): Dutch Wonderland, PA



You might not have heard of Dutch Wonderland before, but if you’re a parent with very young children, then it’s the dream destination you have been waiting for. Located in Pennsylvania – the Dutch is as in Amish, not Holland –  the park is a cornucopia of delights with a good old-fashioned sense of family fun. It’s simple enough to find good family-friendly hotels near Dutch Wonderland too, meaning you can explore the local area and spend as long as you want at the park itself.

Must Do: The show ‘A Royal Fiasco’ is a romp of humor that kids will love, as a Princess tries to plan a Royal Ball with the help – and hindrance – of inexperienced aides.

Older Children (Ages 4 – Tween): Water Country, VI

As the name might suggest, Water Country in Virginia is a water park. It’s a perfect summer holiday trip, when the sun is high in the sky and there’s plenty of fun to be had on the rides. It’s best to save this trip for when your children are older; they’ll want to be able to swim confidently to take advantage of the rides and attractions inside the sprawling park. You can stay on-site in the private cabanas, or in nearby history-rich Williamsburg if you prefer.

Must Do: ‘Rock And Roll Island’ has a multitude of different experiences in one area, from huge slides to a pool to paddle in while you watch the kids have fun.

Tweens & Up: Cedar Point, OH



As the above image shows, when it comes to white knuckle rides, you can’t go far wrong with Cedar Point in Ohio. Once again, you can stay on-site if you prefer, though there’s plenty of surrounding accommodation if you’d rather stay for a single day. With that said, there’s so many exciting thrill rides here that you might be tempted to linger a little longer!

Must Do: Corkscrew – in the image – was the first ever rollercoaster in the world to feature three inversions. It’s still a thrill today, and is a nice piece of theme park history to enjoy.

So whatever the age of your group, there is a theme park out there in the USA that is ready and willing to welcome you.


Make Malaysia Your Next Holiday Destination


(image: wikimedia)

There are many beautiful countries to visit across the globe, and one of the biggest reasons people visit new places is to integrate into a new culture while taking in the splendid sights around them. For these reasons, amongst many others, Malaysia could be the next holiday destination of choice. Located in Southeast Asia, the country is well known for its fabulous culture, colonial buildings, incredible rainforests and magnificent beaches.

While global travelers should invest in a plaza premium lounge klia credit card for lower interest costs on their travels, Malaysia is a relatively affordable place to visit.

When visiting the country, here are three places you may find particularly interesting.

Redang Island

There are many beautiful beaches in Malaysia, perfect for anybody wanting to spend time under the sun. If you want somewhere quiet to relax you should head for the beaches of Redang, a small slice of paradise with crystal clear blue waters and soft white sand.

One of the quieter islands in Malaysia, this is the perfect place for anybody wanting to get away from other tourists. When not resting or playing sports games on the beach, you should go snorkeling at the appropriately named Turtle Island with the local sea turtles, which are part of Redang’s conservation area.

For those who enjoy walking, taking a trek around the island is a must, with its rare plants, and wild animals including the long-tailed macaque monkeys and large monitor lizards.

Redang Island doesn’t have much of a nightlife, but there are bars and resorts available for those who like to stay up late and watch the sun go down. Karaoke is very popular amongst Chinese tourists, perfect for those who have the courage to sing in public! There are great eating places too, so you should savor some of the local delicacies including fish head curry, best served with banana leaves, and the gorgeous ice desert, Ais Kacang, which can be topped with syrup, fruit, and peanuts.

Gunung Mulu National Park

One of the most thrilling areas to visit in Southeast Asia, this world heritage site located in the middle of Borneo features so many natural marvels; you are spoiled for choice. With huge caves, tropical rainforests, and fabulous rivers, this is the perfect place for anybody wanting to soak in the country’s beauty. Cave tours and guided treks are a must for anybody wanting to explore further, whether you prefer to travel at ground level or one of the skywalks across the treetops.

Kota Bharu

Many travelers visit here as a stopover point while on their way to the wonderful Perhentian Islands, and with good reason. For those who enjoy shopping, there are many marketplaces teeming with local women selling tropical fruit, fresh vegetables, and craft goods. There are also plenty of museums to visit, including the Handicraft Village and Craft Museum for those interested in Malaysian culture, and a War Museum for anybody interested in its history. Night visitors should also visit the Fireflies Garden for an incredible display of color from these miniature marvels.

Here’s How To Do An Adults Vacation To Disneyland


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There will be times in your life when you take holidays with the whole family. However, there will also be occasions when you want to take an adults only holiday!

If you’re headed towards California, visiting Disneyland Park will probably be pretty high on your agenda. Well, your ideal agenda, anyway. You may also have some concern that Disneyland Park is a place for kids, parents and not much else.

However, you are more than welcome in Disneyland Park too! Balance a trip here with some other adult-friendly activities for an incredible vacation. Who says you need to have a toddler to get a photo with Minnie anyway!

First up, how do you do an adults-only trip to Disneyland? First off, you relax! No one is there to judge you. At all of the Disney parks, from Paris to Florida to California, grown up are welcome. Take photographs (or selfies) with your favorite characters, and get in the queue for rollercoaster. Treat yourself to your favorite food and take photographs for your social media accounts and friends. For many, just wandering around the park will be enough entertainment and amusement. Also be aware that the newer park, Disney California Adventure, has more rides in it that are aimed at adults. Handily, the entrance is right opposite Disneyland Park!

As for your accommodation, and where you’ll stay. Combine the thrill of staying in a Disney hotel with adult perks. Namely, a luxury spa and a handful of treatments. After all, you’ll need it after a day or two of roller coasters and walking! The Disney Grand Californian Hotel and Spa offers a Bali-inspired spa to take away any tensions. The sound of children crying that is ringing in your ears is sure to have gone after a ‘Mandara Spa Ritual’ or ‘Sunrise Awakening’. If you’re on your honeymoon or wedding anniversary, you and your partner could even enjoy a ‘Couples Retreat Ritual’! Book into this hotel for you accommodation and you won’t have to walk far at all once you’re done!


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However, there is more than just Disneyland in this area! Are you a sports fan? There are a few incredible stadiums and sports venues in the area! How about watching a baseball game at the
The Angel Stadium of Anaheim? Or if ice hockey is your thing, the Honda Center right across the road from the Angel Stadium is where you’ll want to head!

Let’s not forget how much natural beauty there is in this part of the country, too. 58 acres of the Anaheim Hills are taken up by the Oak Canyon Nature Centre. Here you can find three adjoining canyons, a stream and four miles of hiking trails. There are also a number of other stunning parks and areas of natural beauty in the area.

For arts and culture, how about ending your stay with a night at Pearson Park? In the summer, the Amphitheatre here hosts a variety of events. From theater to music to movies, tickets are super cheap, and the surroundings are gorgeous.



Picnic at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon

SILVER FALLS STATE PARK, OREGON: Famous for its breathtaking waterfalls, old buildings, and temperate rainforest, Silver Falls State Park is the largest of five beautiful State Parks in Oregon’s central Cascade region. I can’t promise you that you will be able to finish it in days or just weeks. It’s because you can do variety of outdoor adventures here as well as spend relaxed family time out in the nature. Play by the lake, spend a night under the stars, or just pack your lunch for a picnic in the forest.

Lush greenery of Silver Falls State Park in Oregon

Lush greenery of Silver Falls State Park in Oregon

TIME of TRAVEL: First time we were there was with some friends in 2010 or 2011. We only walked around and behind the South Falls then. This time we were there for a community picnic. Although most of the time we were in the picnic ground, I managed to sneak out couple times to get a distant view of the falls and its trail. But didn’t really manage to go too close to it. If you are a photographer, I would highly recommend coming here during the fall season…should be beautiful looking at the bright colors surrounding the soft veil of the falls.

EATING and SHOPPING: There aren’t much of shops in the park (of course) but I saw a café/restaurant very close to the South Falls. Best thing to do here is to bring your own food and a blanky and sit down on the soft grass or use a picnic bench for meal.

PLACES WE’VE VISITED: For now, I am only adding South Falls of this park in my blog. There are at least ten falls you come across when you start walking on Trail of Ten Falls….a true paradise for the hikers or nature lovers or photographers. I will keep adding them every-time I visit a new falls. We were at a picnic there, so I couldn’t hike on this trail.

SOUTH FALLS: One of the most gorgeous falls of Silver Falls State Park is the South Falls. You can see the exposed rock in the waterfalls and creek bed with layers of rock laid down over the course of 26 millions years. Either you are looking from a distance or walking right behind the falls or just standing on the wooden bridge in front of it and looking high…this falls is breathtaking from every possible angle.


South Falls in Silver Falls State Park in Oregon

South Falls in Silver Falls State Park in Oregon

I am not sure how long is the walk from top of the falls to all the down near the water and coming back to top again, but this is a bit steep hike in some areas. Some places are wet and muddy too. I even saw a thin and small snake on the upper portion of this trail. I am not saying these to scare you or anything…if my friend’s toddler boy can do it, then anybody can do it. Just use some cautions and wear comfortable shoes…it will be a sight to enjoy for all ages.



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