Could You Enjoy The Simple Life In Nevis?

The island of Nevis is one of the least well-known islands of the Caribbean. It certainly isn’t the most populated, with a population that currently stands at around twelve thousand. However, what it does have is an unspoilt beauty as far as the eye can see. It is known for it’s sandy beaches and fabulous tall palm trees. It has a real relaxed vibe. While it is known for its picturesque backdrop, there are many reasons why people are deciding to take up a simpler life on the island. Could it be for you?

It is truly unspoilt

The island of Nevis is St Kitt’s little sister. It is immensely unspoilt due to less demand being placed on the island in regards to tourism. This is, of course, changing as time goes on as more and more people open their eyes to the beauty of the island. What’s captivating is how the island doesn’t capitalise on profit. For example, the volcano on the island creates volcanic springs that sit just outside the capital, Charlestown. These springs emerge at 41-degrees. While other locations will have built a spa around it offering hefty hotel fee’s and spa treatments, these springs are free for everyone to use.



There’s plenty of scope for investment

Of course, we wouldn’t be naive to think that people don’t want to invest on the island. It just seems that it is done in the right way. There is plenty of Nevis real estate for sale which could provide you with lovely living accommodation. Imagine waking up each day and sitting out with your morning coffee and a book without the worry of a daily commute. Sounds like a piece of heaven.

There are more monkeys on the island than people

It may be a small island, but it does have big charm. With empty beaches and parts of the islands, it’s easy to understand why there are more monkeys than people on the island itself. It’s untouched by mass tourism which adds to the simplicity of life there.

There is a close community vibe

With only a thousands of people instead of millions, there is a real community vibe to the island. The capital, Charlestown, is where most things tend to happen. The longer you stay, the more familiar faces you see.

No hustle and bustle of normal daily life

Daily life can get very overwhelming. With work commitments, bills to pay, errands to run and people to see. It’s easy to see why life can get complicated. But living the island life can make things much simpler. You live off the land; you work to live. Not live to work.

Is island life for you?

With only flights heading into St Kitts, the only way of getting on Nevis is by crossing the two miles of sea between the islands. This happens by boat. This may be perfect for you, but it also could make you feel a little isolated. So the best advice would be just to give it a try. You will never know unless you take the plunge.

Do you think you could enjoy a simpler life?

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