The Lighthouse Award just nominated me this wonderful award, The Lighthouse Award. I cannot express my gratitude in words for this loving gift. Thanks a lot Irene and I appreciate your support wholeheartedly. Keep up the good work and happy traveling.

The Lighthouse Award
The Lighthouse Award

The criteria for accepting this award are:

•Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
• Write a post and link back to the blogger that nominated you.
• Inform your nominees of their award nominations.
• Share three ways that you like to help others.
• Nominate as many bloggers as you like.

3 ways I like to help others:

1) I like listening to people’s stories or when they are in pain. May be I can’t do much with the situations something but giving people ears to listen helps a lot.

2) I like to inspire people with my words. It can be with their passions, reaching goals, or just with living everyday life.

3) Finally, I like sharing my knowledge. Little or big, whatever knowledge/wisdom I have I like to spread it among my friends, families, or just anyone. I believe that knowledge does increase more when you share them.

Here are the blogs I’d like to nominate for this award:

1) Wandering Jouster

2) Tell Me Where To Go

3) Furrylittlegnome

4) Livelaughlovetravel

5) Vit Peyr

Good luck and congratulations to you, please keep up the good work, happy blogging.

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