Keep Your Summer Family Activities Affordable with These Tips

Winter is officially over! There might still be a chill in the air, but spring is most definitely here. Of course, spring was never what we were really looking forward to. We want summer, not spring! We want sunshine, warmth, fun and games!

Of course, one of the problems with summer is that the kids need to be entertained. Yes; as exciting as summer may be for you, it’s triply exciting for your children! No more school! This leaves you with the responsibility of making sure your kids have something to do.

Cheerful family in the sun
Family of four having fun at the beach


The reason that this causes a problem isn’t just the time commitment this means for you. It can also cost you a lot of money. Some people plan epic getaways, with overseas holidays that cost a fortune. But you needn’t spend a bundle to make sure your kids have an awesome summer break from school. You just need to be prepared. Here are some travel tips that we hope will help.

Go on the hunt for deals

Around summertime, there are loads of deals tailored to families. Several entertainment outlets do deals that allow parents with children to use them at bargain prices. One famous example is bowling. Loads of bowling outlets allow kids to bowl for free when accompanied by a paying adult.


Visual Hunt

You might also want to check out your local cinema. People sometimes say that going to the cinema is a ridiculous idea when the sun is shining outside. But good movie theatres are air conditioned and offer you some quiet time while a great movie is playing. Many cinemas offer deals during summer, offering free or cheap tickets for kids. This is pretty handy around this time because movie studios know all the kids are out of school. They release all their family blockbusters around summer for that very reason!

Another popular summer destination is a theme park. Theme parks all over the country are filled with families every day during summer. Cheap theme park tickets will be available for families, especially those planning repeat visits. Considering how much there is to do at a theme park, that’s incredibly useful!

Bring your own food and drink

Wherever you go, you and your family are going to get hungry at some point. This is another problem with summer. You all spend so much time outside, but your usual eating routine doesn’t change to accommodate this! You probably won’t be at home when hunger strikes. That means you have to eat out.




This is another common expense of the holidays. But it can be largely avoided. Try bringing your own food and drink with you on your adventures. Sandwiches, crisps, bottled water and fruit all make for great travelling foods. This saves you having to go to a restaurant. The eating facilities at these attractions are usually as expensive as they are during the rest of the year!

Alternatively, you can try doing an Internet search for vouchers. There are loads of websites dedicated to vouchers for family days out. Some of these may include food deals for your desired destination! Keep an eye out on these websites throughout the year for the best deals.

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