EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS: Eindhoven is a thriving ultra-modern Dutch city with lots of bold and futuristic buildings. The actual city is very spread out and big but the city center is walkable to all the main spots. Unlike many other European cities, Eindhoven doesn’t have an “old town” per say; look of its city center is very up-to-date and stylish.

Walking towards St. Catherine Church in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Walking towards St. Catherine Church in Eindhoven, The Netherlands- was very empty that Sunday

TIME of TRAVELING: We visited Eindhoven when my elder sister and her family came to visit us in Belgium. It was one Sunday in May of 2013. It was a very pleasant day but empty in the city center.
EATING and SHOPPING: We had lunch in an Egyptian place beside St. Catherine Church. It was some good food for good price.

Since we were there on a Sunday, everything was closed! There were lots of stores in the city center but too bad we could only do window shopping.
PLACES WE’VE VISITED: We spent only half a day in Eindhoven since everything was closed and crowdless, we decided to go to Antwerp in Belgium before heading back home. It seemed like there wasn’t anything to do except looking at some good-looking buildings and some squares. I think, the nightlife here can be very lively…but that didn’t suit us really.
Some of the great buildings of this city are De Admirant (the highest building in Eindhoven), Evoluon – a mushroom/UFO shaped building from 1966, and more sexy architectures in “Around the Admirant” which are basically shopping area.

Evoluon - an UFO shaped futuristic building in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Evoluon – a UFO shaped futuristic building in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

“Around Admirant” is one of the most stylish squares I’ve seen in whole of Europe with many creative looking buildings. Small streets from this square have many shops and some fast food places. I can’t imagine what it would be like on Saturdays when everything is open and people are gathering in to hangout in this cool place.

Another cool architecture "The Blob" in "Around Admirant" in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Another cool architecture “The Blob” in “Around Admirant” in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Sint-Catherinekerk located in Catharinaplein. Exterior of it looks fascinating but couldn’t go it (forgot that most of the churches in the Netherlands are closed on Sundays).

Markt looked the liveliest place while we were roaming around the city center. It is probably one of the best places for lunch with many options.

Restaurants in the Markt in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Restaurants in the Markt in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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