We’ve visited Peru during the summer break of 2017 from end of August to beginning of September.

It’s a stunning country in South America known for its famous Inca ruin sites, especially breathtaking Machu Pichu. So, be ready to walk and climb a lot. Most of our hotels were on hilly areas too. Peru can be deceivingly expensive if you don’t plan correctly. But enjoy their all kinds of variety dishes from fish, different kinds of meat, fruits, fresh vegetables, and potatoes.

Weather was very pleasant and mild during our visit (their winter season). It is recommended to carry a sweater at night, especially for the kids. And make sure to carry probably more than just a sweater if you are planning to go to some elevated cities like Cusco or Ollantaytambo or Machu Pichu. Another thing to keep in mind is that roaming around in these highly elevated cities can give you altitude sickness, meaning you can feel nausea, light-headed, a bit off-balance. We carried liquid chlorophyll for the children (and for us too) and drank it everyday even before we got on the plane from Portland, Oregon. Every hotel we stayed in also had a natural tea, called coca tea which also helps with the sickness.

Please visit the right-side bar to check out all the cities and sites we visited in Peru during our trip.

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