Luxembourg City

LUXEMBOURG CITY, LUXEMBOURG: Pardon my ignorance, but when my husband told me that we will be visiting Luxemburg city during our Europe tour, I was a bit upset. “Why are we going to visit Luxemburg, whats there?” I said to myself. Thank God, that we went to Luxemburg and spend 2 days there. It was one of the most homiest and coziest cities in Europe (among all the other cities we have visited). The history and the beauty of this town will truly make your trip memorable. I know I’d love to go back there again.

Walking around the old ruins of Luxemburg (Casamates)

TIME OF TRAVELLING: We went to Luxemburg sometime during 2nd week of April. It was during the Easter time. It was a bit chilli in the morning. But very nice in the afternoon. No rain…only sun.

OUR HOTEL: We stayed in Grand Hotel Cravat in the heart of Luxemburg City in Constitution Square. You will get a direct view of Gëlle Fra war monument, The Adolphe Bridge and the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The hotel is situated within a few minutes of the main shopping streets and all the historic sites. Not to mention, you will wake up every morning with free breakfast buffet.

Adolphe Bridge in Luxemburg, Luxembourg

Below are all the places we visited in Luxemburg City, Luxemburg:

1. The GELLE FRA (GOLDEN LADY) MONUMENT: Also known as The Golden Lady, is a war memorial that commemorates those who volunteered for service in the armed forces of the allies in World War I. It is situated in Constitution Square very close to Notre Dame Cathedral. The center-piece of the monument is 21 meter tall. Atop a gilded bronze lady holding a wreath.

Gella Fra (Golden Lady) of Luxemburg

2. NOTRE-DAME CATHEDRAL: This is a Roman Catholic Cathedral situated in Constitution Square. It dates back to 1613. Its only 2 minutes walking distance from Gellen Fra, right beside the National Libray or Bibliotheque Nationale. There is no entry fee.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Luxemburg

3. GRAND DUCAL PALACE: Palais Grand-Ducal is the official residence of Grand Duke of Luxemburg. The Duke exercises all his official functions here, but I don’t think they actually live in the palace. The building was first the City Hall of Luxembourg from 1572 to 1795. During 2nd World War this was used by the Nazis as a concert hall and tavern. We couldn’t go inside the palace, either because it was closed that day or they don’t allow visitors…can’t really remember.

A portion of the Grand Ducal Palace

4. BOCK CASEMATES or Underground Tunnel: This is a MUST see in Luxemburg City. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. One of the entrances of it is also in Constitution Square very close to Notre-Dame Cathedral or Gellen Fra Monument and the other entrance is closer to the old ruins of Luxemburg where you can get an overview of the whole city. Originally this was a fort and the construction begun somwhere around 963. Over the centuries, the Bock and the surrounding defences were reinforced, attacked and rebuilt time and time again. Ruins of the old castle and the vast underground system of passages and galleries known as the casemates continue to be a major tourist attraction. The total length of the tunnel is 14 miles.

One of the several canons inside Bock Casamates in Luxemburg

The tunnel is not a stroller friendly place. It a bit dark and very unsmooth. There are a lots of stairs to climb up and down inside the tunnel. Allow at least 45 minutes for this tour. If I can remember correctly, the ticket to enter to the tunnel was 12 euros and it closes around 5pm.

Entrance to Bock Casemates

5. Walking around the city: Luxemburg is full of history. May be one of the oldest one You will see is the old city wall from 10th century. There are a lots of other old ruins, walls, bridges, churches in the oldtown. The city is situated on small hills. Therefore, the view from the up is simply beautiful.

Magnificent view of Luxemburg

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