OSTEND, BELGIUM: It was a nice day here in Belgium last Sunday (of July 2013). Last few days were actually pretty good for outdoor activities. This weekend we decided to hit the beach with one of my husband’s colleagues. We drove about hour and fifteen minutes from Tervuren to Ostend.

Ostend is a nice beach town very close to Brugge or Gent. It was around 3pm by the time we got there, stayed for couple of hours and headed back around 7pm. We really didn’t do any research as what to do or see in Ostend. It was just a quick getaway with the kids to enjoy the sun.

Saw this unique statue while walking around Ostend, Belgium
Saw this unique statue while walking around Ostend, Belgium

ST. PAUL and ST. PETER’S CHURCH: We saw the grand spires of this church when we entered the city. We left the beach area and started walking towards the city looking for those spires. I think, we walked leisurely for about 15 minutes looking for it and there it was…a magnificent edifice with gothic exterior. Interior wasn’t as nice as the outside, but definitely worth checking it out for there is no entry fee. Stained glass windows were beautiful as well as the church organ. There are two statues of Peter and Paul near the main altar.

St. Paul and St. Peter's Church in Ostend, Belgium
St. Paul and St. Peter’s Church in Ostend, Belgium

There is a monumental belfry at one side of the church. You can see this type of belfry on many Flemish towns of Belgium.

BEACH and the PROMENADE: I think the whole town came to the beach today since the weather was so good. But the beach is so spread out that it didn’t look too crowded or anything. Ostend beach is more of a family place, great to take the kids to the sand and water. There are some museums and one aquarium very close to the shore too.

Ostend Beach in Belgium
Ostend Beach in Belgium

One side of the promenade had nice restaurants and cafes with some shops while the other side had some contemporary arts and sculptures. Tourist can find many hotels on the promenade with fantastic view of the ocean.

Promenade of Ostend Beach in Belgium
Promenade of Ostend Beach in Belgium

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