Arizona: Exploring The Copper State

When you’re looking for summer jaunts all-year round, you can’t get any better than Arizona. Even in winter, the hot and dry climate gives you that taste of summer when Santa should be on his way! As part of the United States, Arizona has some of the most incredible terrain, with high mountains, rocky and deep canyons, and man-made wonders like the Hoover Dam, which has to be seen in person to appreciate how immense a structure it is. And while there are plenty of world famous places the state can boast of, such as the Grand Canyon, here are a few of the other star attractions and things to do in the Copper State.

Hiking Around The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area



This conservation area, home of Lake Powell, as well the Glen Canyon Dam, covers 1,254,429 acres of mainly desert. Lake Powell is one of the man-made structures that have made this state famous, and is the largest artificial lake in the United States and was formed in 1964 as part of the Glen Canyon Dam. A primary hiking spot for tourists, people come from all over the world to visit the Antelope slot canyons, where the combination of the light and the rocks creates some beautiful imagery. No doubt you will come back with some really great photos while also enjoying some brisk exercise.

Balloon Rides Around Phoenix

To see Arizona bathed in a wonderful orangey glow while taking part in a sunrise balloon ride is a mixture of fear and wonderment. The view is fantastic, but if you’ve got a fear of heights, one may cancel the other out! But once you see the saguaro and the buttes you’ll soon forget yourself. There are plenty of companies that offer this package, and Float Balloon Tours offer breakfast or dinner with wine from a local vineyard. If you wanted to see the state from a different angle, you would certainly achieve this!

See The Monument Valley Tribal Park



The views from Monument Valley look like something from another planet, and with these sights, it’s very easy to transport yourself away from the hubbub of daily life. The sharp rock formations and sand dunes, massive in size, make for a daring but rewarding terrain. There are photography tours for people who would like to capture some images, but many people tend to drive by on the highway nearby and soak in the view that way. Either way, you must see it in person.

Walk Around Bisbee



As a former mining town near to the border of Mexico, its proximity to the mountains makes for perfect imagery from the comfort of this sleepy town. You can see over the border into Mexico and enjoy a casual walk around the shops and meet some interesting locals who have tales to tell of the old mining days, or you can head to the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum to get a look at the history close up. It also won Best Historic Small Town in Sunset magazine and USA Today online reader poll in 2016!

Guest Post – One Great Journey in Branson with the Whole Family

Giving quality time with the whole family is one of the best gifts people can give. With all the different technologies that are arising these days, making time with the family is a hard thing to do. It is why family members are having problems. Sometimes, this makes them live their lives with a broken family. Family is crucial that is why it’s best to spend some time with them. Best things to do with the whole family is to eat together for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Another is to spend a weekend getaway together, and one perfect destination is Branson.

Branson Lodging Missouri

Branson Lodging Missouri

Branson, Missouri

Branson  is  a  small,  unique  and  charming  town  in  the  region  of  Ozarks  in  Missouri specifically in the southwest part of it. Here in Branson, they are known for having the best  views  of  different  surroundings  of  beautiful  mountains.  This  place has  different wonderful sites to see and visit. That is why its primary industry that is growing in their economy is through tourism. Its population is growing, and so are the tourists that love to come and explore this amazing place. It has a vast area that has different tourism programs to accommodate various guests who are traveling here. The place doesn’t just have great  views and sites  to  visit,  but  it  has  a  friendly  environment  too that make tourists come back over and again.

Things to do in Branson

There are so many things to do in Branson especially with the whole family. There are different fancy hotels and beautiful cabins that they can stay in for their entire vacation.The Branson Hotel is one famous hotel that they can visit and stay. They provide the best services offered to their guests. The rooms are comfortable to settle in, and the food served  are  just  one  of  a  kind.  Cabins  at  Grand Mountain  is  a  great  resort  that  has excellent cabins to accommodate tourists from all over the world. Mentioned above are some of the best hotels and cottages to visit together with the whole family.

The Branson Lodging in Missouri

The Branson Lodging in Missouri

Outdoor Adventures

Branson is a capital city for great entertainment shows that they promote to the tourists,but  that  doesn’t  mean  that  outdoor  enthusiasts  cannot  enjoy  their  stay  here.  It’s because there are so many places in Branson that are perfect for outdoor adventures.They  can enjoy  running,  hiking,  biking,  fishing,  camping and so many more outdoor activities to do in different famous parks in Branson.

The Branson Lakes Area is familiar with their beautiful lakes that tourists love to visit and go for canoeing and fishing. Ozark Park is a best place to visit and experience outdoor adventures with the whole family. There is an extensive golf course that family can play in. There are playgrounds and a swimming pool that kids can enjoy playing around and go swimming. Branson is simply the perfect destination for the whole family to visit and enjoy. Fun and laughter will be shared with the entire family will be experienced here in Branson.

Biography of the Author: April is an online publisher for The Cabins at Grand Mountain in Branson, MO. She often writes about camping, Midwest traveling, and log cabin experiences.


America’s 2nd highest year-round water falls – Multnomah Falls in Oregon

MULTNOMAH FALLS, OREGON: I have visited this magnificent landmark of Oregon few years ago before moving to Europe. We have been here few times with families, friends, and visitors. But everytime I was there, no matter which season and time, I could feel the force of that flowing water just by looking at its height. But one of the best parts of visiting this falls is not just the falls, it’s the bridge and walking over that bridge looking at both upper and lower sides of the water falls.

Multnomah Falls in Oregon, USA...nation’s 2nd highest year-round water falls

Multnomah Falls in Oregon, USA…nation’s 2nd highest year-round water falls

Located on historic Columbia River Highway, Multnomah Falls is our nation’s 2nd highest year-round water falls and receives over two million visitors each year. Water flow of the falls varies, but winter and spring is the most spectacular time to visit it.

The upper falls here is 543 feet, lower falls is 69 feet high, and an additional 8 feet in between. “Multnomah Falls was created when massive flood scoured out the Columbia River Gorge, leaving the falls to hang.” (Tourist board).

The original bridge over Multnomah Creek was built in the early 1880s out of log poles. After it collapsed, this present one was built in 1914 and was named after a strong advocate for the Historic Columbia River Gorge Highway and Multnomah Falls, Simon Benson. In September 1995, a 400-ton rock slid from the upper Multnomah Falls and dropped 225 feet into the falls upper plunge pool. A wedding party was drenched when the slided rock sent a 70-foot splash over the historic Benson Bridge.

Lower Multnomah Falls and historic Benson Bridge in Oregon

Lower Multnomah Falls and historic Benson Bridge in Oregon

Go inside the old lodge which was built in 1925 by the city of Portland to capitalize on the growing tourist trade of the Columbia River Gorge. You can find snack bar, gift shop, full-service restaurant, and a US Forest Service interpretive center inside this lodge.

There are about 77 falls on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge and more than 5 major falls and few viewpoints around this area. But if you are in Portland, this is almost a must-see spot here. It’s our pride and joy.


Autumn reflection Multnomah creek opposite of Multnomah Falls in Oregon

Autumn reflection Multnomah creek opposite of Multnomah Falls in Oregon

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