After a long and dark winter, Belgium finally started to get some sun and bright days. This Sunday, our family went to visit the historical battle ground of Waterloo in Belgium, which is only about 20 minutes drive from our house in Tervuren, Belgium.

Just a bit of history on this place, the present day Waterloo, Belgium was part of United Kingdom of the Netherlands. The mighty French army under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated in this battle by the British army along with their coalition forces on Sunday, June 18, 1815.

The ticket to enter Lion Butte or the Lion Mound is 6 euros per person, which also includes access to the “Panorama“. We climbed 226 stairs to get an overview of the battle fields, position of the French army, British army and their allies. “The Panorama” gives the tourists a panoramic painting that depicts the Battle of Waterloo from 1815 A.D. There is also a trolley tour that takes tourists around the battle field giving some taste of the history of this important battle. But that only starts after Easter. The combined ticket price is 12 euros.

Enjoy the pictures…

A huge painting of Napoleon Bonaparte on his horse near the ticket office
Poster of Waterloo Battle reenactment
226 stairs to go on top of Butte de Lion in Waterloo
Looking over the battle fields of Waterloo
Battlefields surrounding Butte de Lion
The panoramic painting inside “The Panorama” in Waterloo
Butte de Lion, a man-made hill to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo. It is said that the lion is facing towards France
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