Rimini, a new destination in Italy

Rimini, a city well-known in Italy for his hospitality and for the excellent tourist organization. I personally confirm this since I have been coming here every year and fell in love with this city and with the people who live here. I found useful tool to plan my trip here in www.riminibeach.it

I want to suggest few things to enjoy your vacation in Rimini. In addition, remember you can come here in any period of the year because in Rimini there are many things to do in any season.

Rimini, Italy
Rimini, Italy

Go inland

Rimini is a fantastic city famous specially for its coastline but also the inland territory is very beautiful. This region is characterized for two important valleys, the Conca Valley and the Marecchia Valley. Both valleys contain many territories with small cities, villages that will leave you in the heart a unique feeling. Visiting this place will be like to go back in the past. You will found castle, village, old palace and ruins of walls and ancient cities. Many cities maintain the old style in fact you will see small town with impressive churches and a lot of houses that maintain the medieval structure.

Rimini, Italy
Rimini, Italy


Rimini like all the Italian cities maintains a strong tradition in what has to do with food. You will find many restaurants where you will find always fresh food like the tradition want. You must try tagliatelle, strozzapreti, ravioli, gnocchi, cappelletti that are homemade pasta prepared following the tradition of ancient years. If you visit Rimini enter also in one of the many wine bars where you can try the excellent wine typical of this territory. Of course you can’t leave Rimini without trying seafood typical of the Adriatic Coast. In Rimini you will find also a lot of “gelaterie” ice cream stores where experts of the ice cream make it with natural product following the tradition.

Rimini, Italy
Rimini, Italy

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