One Lovely Blog Award

It was nice to get a recognition from another great blogger  who has nominated me For a “One Lovely     Blog Award”.

It came to me as a surprise as it is my first blog award.

One Lovely Blog Award

The rules are:

1: Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog

Again a big thanks to Derwish Images ( who nominated me for this wonderful award.

2: List seven random things about yourself

a. I hate tomatoes in my salad or sandwiches, but a slice of tomato in burger is yummy.

b. I love gardening, especially growing vegetables.

c. I lost my mom to cancer and that’s why I hate that evil disease from the bottom of my heart.

d. I am originally from Bangladesh, have been settled in USA since I was 15, and now living in Belgium temporarily.

e. I am not too much into cooking but I love trying traditional dishes when I am in a new place.

f. My family is the center of my life and my number one priority.

g. I miss my childhood very much. More I am aging more I miss those beautiful days.

3: Nominate fifteen other blogs

4: Notify the fifteen nominees

5: Put the award logo on your blog.

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