4 Reasons Why You Should Take A Sabbatical From Work!

Sometimes life can get on top of us and we think about having a break. Work can become mundane and boring, and we long for the open road. And people are following their dreams by having a sabbatical from work. It is where they are allowed to take anything from a couple of days to a year off work. It’s typically recognized if you have been there for a long period of time. Here are four reasons why you should take a sabbatical from your job role.


If you went straight to work after university or school, you likely didn’t get a chance to go travelling. And as much as we enjoy going on vacation every year, you don’t ever get to spend a lot of time exploring. A week or two is not long enough to see everything in the country. If you are yearning for longer than a two-week break, you could take a sabbatical to go travelling around the world. You will need to save money before you go so that you have enough to last you the whole trip. Search online for countries you wouldn’t mind visiting, and what you need to see while you are there.  There are often tours you can go on while you are travelling which will mean you get to see more of the highlights. Research companies to find trips such as a tour of the great ocean road which you will love.


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Rethink career

We often start to feel like we are not enjoying the role we are currently in. Especially if you have been there a while. It’s okay to have the odd day here and there not loving your job. But if it starts to become every day, you should consider whether or not it’s right for you. An excellent way to decide if the job is right for you is to take a break from work. A sabbatical will give you a chance to decide whether or not to change your career. As this article says, an employer often agrees to it as it can be in their favour if you return happy.

Spend more time with kids

If you have had a child, everyone knows how hard it can be to have to work around their life. You feel guilty about leaving them. It’s especially difficult if you barely get a chance to see them. If you want more time to spend with your kids, you could consider taking a sabbatical from work. You can then look after your children more, especially if they are going through a hard time at school.


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You may want to have a break from work if you want to learn some new skills. You may not have had the chance to go to college or university when you were younger. Or you may feel going back to college or University will help you with your current job path. Employers tend to like it, as you will come back with new skills you can use at work. It can be daunting going back to college, but can be a pleasant experience.



It’s worth checking your contract, or speak to your boss, to see if you are allowed to take time off.

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