There’s More To Nevada Than Meets The Eye



If you fancy an exciting holiday this year to a destination that’s nothing like anywhere you’ve been before I suggest Nevada. I know what popped into most people’s minds. Viva Las Vegas! Well while the beautiful neon city is the crown Jewel of Nevada there’s plenty more to explore beyond America’s playground.

The Hoover Dam


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The hoover dam is only a couple of hours away from Vegas by car. Once you get there you’ll be amazed by just how grand this man made structure actually is. I think you’ll agree that it’s an impressive feat of engineering, difficult to convey in words. You’ll just have to go and see it yourself. There are helicopter flights over the Hoover Dam on sites like The Hoover dam has been made famous after appearing in numerous Hollywood movies. Most recently it was transformed into a fictional underground government base for Transformers. If you can try to visit the Hoover Dam just as the sun is setting and you’ll get a beautiful view. The last light from the sun coats the surrounding landscape in golden silk before disappearing completely.

The Grand Canyon


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Some people might think this is a little bit of a cheat. While the Grand Canyon is technically in Arizona, it borders Nevada and is just a few hours from Vegas. There you’ll be able to explore an incredible, naturally formed phenomena. Similar to the Hoover Dam, the scope of the Grand Canyon is difficult to convey. But if you venture out onto the transparent walkway, you may not want to look down. Despite being perfectly safe it can be nerve wracking to see just how high up you are. The grand canyon rivals the beautiful terrain of Oregon. It’s on many bucket lists so perhaps it’s time to cross it off yours.

Real Magic


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If you are eager to explore Las Vegas itself I suggest you start with a magic show. Not just any magic show but one by David Copperfield himself. Copperfield has performed numerous tricks over the years that have captured the imagination of the world. One famous trick was to make the statue of liberty disappear. How he did this is still unknown. If you’re interested in going to see him you may want to check out tickets on a site such as

Of course, Vegas has shows for everyone. There are even shows specifically for children, if you’re taking a family trip.



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You’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere more packed with memorabilia than Las Vegas. Las Vegas is commonly known as the place famous singers settle to perform once they’ve peaked. Britney Spears and Celine Dion are both currently performing there every week. But it’s also home to some incredible pieces of pop culture. If you check out the museums you’ll be amazed at the items you can discover. From things that belonged to the king of rock himself to set pieces of movie magic. You could check out if you’re interested.

Roll The Dice

FInally, if you’re brave you can finish off your trip with the roll of the dice. Everyone knows how addictive gambling can be. But how can you go to Vegas and leave without making one, little bet?


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  1. Great tips! I’ve always wanted to visit Vegas and the Grand Canyon… It’s one of those destinations that I think you’ve got to experience once in your life.


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