Canyons and Cliffs of Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon

SMITH ROCK STATE PARK: Another gem of the Central Oregon’s High Desert region is Smith Rock State Park in Redmond. With 3000 feet elevation, this place gives you spectacular natural views of Crooked River and the canyons. The sheer and majestic cliffs overlook the river, that makes its way through the rocky path. With a narrow river flowing on one side and steep rocks on the other side, this is absolutely a stunning place to check out if you are in Central Oregon. But if you are still not convinced, Smith Rock State Park is the birthplace of American sport climbing…whoaaa.

Crooked River and the cliffs in Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon

This is an ideal place for runners, strollers, hikers, rock climbers, landscape photographers, or just nature lovers. The hiking is not that strenuous…if my 6 years can do it, anyone can do it. But my husband did have to take her on his shoulder to climb back up at the end of the day.

Beautiful landscape of Smith Rock State Park in Redmond, Oregon

We visited Smith Rock State Park with few family friends during the kids’ spring break of 2016. After visiting the Painted Hills Park, we reached here late afternoon. The weather was nice…summer is probably better when the sun is more prominent. But I’d assume this place attracts more tourists during that time and therefore, is more crowded.

Stunning colors and views of Smith Rock State Park Redmond, Oregon

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, maybe apply sunscreens and use a hat when visiting Smith Rock State Park. There is a fee to enter the park, but for some reason, we didn’t have to pay that day. Good luck and have fun visiting our beautiful Oregon.

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