Guest Post: Europe – The Most Famous and Beautiful Places for Sightseeing

Europe is a continent where history is very close. It is a dream destination to millions. Tourists from all around the world flock to gaze at different masterpiece architecture, to take in the awesomeness of European street life and to admire the great variety of scenery and climate, the mountainous regions, thick forests and lakes.

Europe – It Measures Up Every Time

You just have to ask any travellers and from their observations and opinions, you can quickly round up a list of the most famous and beautiful places that they would recommend – places known for their recreation and leisure opportunities, the good restaurants, fascinating shops and museums, nightlife and architecture. Here are some of the must see destinations in Europe.

Florence, Italy
Florence, Italy

(Source: Florence (John Marino/Flickr, CC BY SA 2.0))

Florence – Italy

This awesome Italian city nestling in the Tuscan hills has been the inspiration of many artists. There is no much to see in Florence that you may be tempted to cancel the rest of your European trip and stay put. The Santo Spirito Square for starters offers a host of different events to enjoy – fairs, food festivals and exciting workshops. September is great with mild temperatures and traditionally the period of harvest and making of wine. There are heaps of events around the harvest of grapes and wine making. If you didn’t know, France and Italy together make 40 per cent of world’s wine.

Innsbruck, Austria
Innsbruck, Austria

(Source: Innsbruck (Leo-setä/Flickr, CC BY 2.0))

Innsbruck – Austria

If you’re looking for postcard beauty, this city, host to the Winter Olympics several times already, is extremely picturesque. This alpine city has a myriad of city- and nature- inspired activities waiting for visitors. From bobsleigh riding to alpine skiing to curling up in front of an open fireplace in an Alpine lodge, this vibrant city offers marvelous unbeatable restaurants, Christmas markets, hotels and nature. You’ll want to have photographs of yourself and the gorgeous mountain scenery as a recall of your sightseeing and cheap posters of quality paper, of any size and in different formats is THE way to remember all the tiniest details of such splendid times.

London, England
London, England

(Source: London Panorama (Davide D’Amico/Flickr, CC BY SA 2.0))

London – United Kingdom

No trip to Europe would be complete without visiting London. Welcoming more than a record-beating 18.82 million visitors just in 2015 alone, this city has won awards as the most popular city on the planet time after time. With its awesome blend of the most wonderful assortment of restaurants, its culture and history, this city just simply continues to dazzle, excite and enthral visitors who stream to it from every corner of the globe.

Keep Your Memories Fresh

Europe is a magical place to visit with a limitless number of fabulous and famous places to explore. The range of destinations and events can be overwhelming if you’re planning a getaway, from the Golden Circle, Reykjavik, Iceland to the Azores, Portugal to Germany and Spain. Unfortunately you will be forced to narrow down your choices. Remember to take lots of beautiful photographs which you can here have enlarged to gaze upon and recall how Europe measured up to every one of your ideals.

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