Keeping Your Family Trip Smooth and Stress-free

A family vacation is an amazing experience. Your kids will see more of the world (and hopefully learn from it!). You can escape from the everyday reality offered at home. Adults always remember the holidays they had with their parents when they were younger. Now you have an opportunity to gift unforgettable memories for your own children.


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But if you’re not organized, then a trip can become an absolute nightmare! Planning everything out meticulously sometimes feels like a lot of effort. It’s tempting to avoid it. But when a family fail to adequately plan the holiday is just going to end up longing for home!

So here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Pick a place to go

Best if the parents decide this one. Children will probably pick ‘the moon’ or ‘the Land of Ooo’ from Adventure Time. Having said that, you do need to pick your holiday destination with the kids in mind. For a lot of people, this means going somewhere with a lot of tourist-heavy theme parks. But what if your kids are afraid of rollercoasters? Before picking your destination, make sure everyone is going to find something that will make them happy. The kids might not be too enthused by pure sightseeing!

  1. Look at things to do

Make up a list of all the awesome family activities you can reach at your destination. Don’t think about time and money restraints at first; just get as many possibilities down as possible. Then, once you’ve got them all in a big list, go through them with your family. Have discussions, take votes, research each one. Once you have a top three, five or ten (how many activities do you want to do?), then you can start making arrangements.

  1. Make your travel arrangements

Going by plane? Be sure to buy plane tickets them well in advance to get the best fares. You can get great deals in you buy tickets months in advance. If you want to book a little closer, you should try to get them about six to eight weeks before the leaving date. Airfare comparison websites like Skyscanner are great for finding good deals at the best time. As you’ll be taking the entire family and all their luggage, we doubt you’ll want to take public transport to the airport. A car is the best travel method. With this in mind, you should find cheap airport parking.


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  1. Keep your luggage light and neatly arranged

Try not to take too many things that aren’t essential. You’ll of course need tickets, passports, and travel documents. Travel-sized toiletries, tissues, travel appliances and personal care items. Investigate packing organizers. Pack clothing, socks, underwear and personal items in plastic zipper bags. This prevents them from creasing. It also helps keep the clothing separate from everything else! The same goes for the toiletries; keep them in a see-through storage bag to keep other items protected, in case of unexpected spills.

  1. Keep all your travel documents in a single location

Contact information for airlines, car rental agencies and travel agents, passport and itineraries. Keep it all in one place so you can easily refer to it whenever required. Consider getting a big folder or keeping it all in a lightweight briefcase.

Now get out there and have the vacation of a lifetime!

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