Salam from Cairo

Its been about few days now since we flew to Cairo and it’s already time for us to head back to Belgium tomorrow. I am overwhelmed with all the ancient and modern history that I’ve gathered on Egypt during our stay here. It’s a fascinating country full of extraordinary people. We did everything we wanted to do here including Nile River cruise dinner with belly dance, and sufi dance, riding on camels to go around the pyramids in Giza, great shopping, had some awesome traditional Egyptian dishes, and met some fantastic helpful people… this trip couldn’t have been any better than this.

Enjoy the following picture from the pyramids of Giza. This pretty camel was our ride there…but riding it is another different story ;), if you rode a camel before you know what I mean…

Pyramids of Giza and our ride in the desert of Egypt
Pyramids of Giza and our ride in the desert of Egypt

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