Pyrenees Mountain range of France

I took this picture while we were driving thru Pyrenees Mountain range in French side. You can already see some change of colors in nature, but I am sure it will look even more beautiful when all the trees get their fall colors.

Pyrenees Mountains in France

6 Comments on “Pyrenees Mountain range of France

  1. Beautiful photo of Fall in the mountains. It is a beautiful time here in Ohio in the USA right now also as Fall’s colors gleam in the sunshine.


    • I grew up in Baltimore, MD. I miss the beautiful fall colors of east coast. Fall comes a bit late here in Brussels. It was nice to see it in the mountains after a long time.


  2. Josh here from the BlinkPack blog. How do you process your photos to get this look? I love it! I wish you all the best with your travels and your blogging. Cheers!


    • I use only the free software Picasa once in a while to either brighten up a dark picture or to fix an over exposed pic or sometimes to enhance the color. Thanks for your visit.


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