6 Must Visit Destinations In Asia For Adrenaline Junkies

For folks seeking wanderlust, a dose of adventure is like a cherry on top. Now, as fulfilling as taking the sight of beaches or mountains may feel like, the thrill of adrenaline rushing through your veins is an experience in itself. If you are the type of traveler who craves an adrenaline rush in your trips, then Asia must be on top of your travel list. The continent of Asia is a land of diverse cultures, beautiful landscapes, and exotic cuisines. But, away from the hustle-bustle of the tourist places, there lies a world where adventure and thrill seekers find their solace. Given below is a compilation of the ultimate adventure destinations in Asia:

  1. Skydiving in Pattaya, Thailand:
    Extreme adventure sport you ask? Add skydiving to your extreme adventure docket. Thailand is an ever-popular destination amongst tourists known and skydiving as an extreme adventure sport is slowly and steadily gaining prominence within the country. There are many dropzones spread across Bangkok and Pattaya to crave your skydiving fix. How about jumping from a height of 12000 feet? It certainly is enough to get your heart racing while you freefall down with a view of turquoise blue waters from above. Such an experience is certainly bound to be etched in your mind for quite some time. There are many places that offer skydiving packages around Thailand. Some of them even have ties with hotels offering it as a part of their inclusive package deals. If you are looking for the best travel destinations around the world then Savvy Expeditioner should be your next stop. The site provides great travel tips and good insights on some of the best travel destinations.

2.  Quad Biking in Ubud Bali, Indonesia:

If you think of Bali as a meditating and peaceful retreat, then think again. If you don’t mind getting wet and dirty then quad biking is the perfect sport to indulge in. Imagine yourself on a quad bike zooming through the jungle, muddy roads and across rice fields and agricultural plantations. You get to discover the beautiful landscape of Bali through a different lens which is an experience in itself. Having fun and getting to explore the lay of the land, could there be a perfect activity for an adventure seeker?

3. Climbing the highest Via Ferrata in Mount Kinabalu, Borneo:
For those people unfamiliar with the concept of “Via Ferrata”, the term has been coined from the Italian language which means “Iron Road. The road to the Via Ferrata consists of rails, cables, and bridges embracing the rocks. There are more than 300 Via Ferrata routes all across the world but the world’s highest one is located in Borneo, called the Mountain Torq which is located at Mt. Kinabalu’sPanabalan rock face. The highest point starts at 3400m and ends at 3800m. Quite a spectacle and a challenge to accomplish. Scaling the Via Ferrata at Mount Kinabalu is certainly not a task for the faint-hearted.

4. Shipwreck diving in Palawan, Philippines:
If scaling the highest mountain isn’t enough for you then here comes another adventure. How about scaling the depths of the ocean and exploring lost shipwrecks? Southeast Asia is home to many eerie shipwrecks and the Coron Bay is famed for shipwreck diving. The Coron Bay is home to many World War II shipwrecks. Imagine picture perfect shipwrecks, awash with sea life and corals. This is how your shipwreck diving experience will be wreck diving at Coron Bay in Palawan.

5. Sandboarding in Mui Ne, Vietnam:
The Mui Ne in Vietnam is dubbed as one of the best places to sandboard in the entire world and the view doesn’t disappoint one bit. On the same principles as snowboarding, sandboarding is the same except the fact that you are racing down never-ending sand dunes. Also, you have two options to choose from, the Red Sand Dunes and White one. The sandboards used in this endeavor are all plastic made and many kite-boarding shops rents at this place rent out proper gears at a small cost. However unconventional sandboarding may feel like, it sure is fun speeding down steep hills on boards.

6. Off Road Motorbike Tours in Laos:
The thrill of handling an off-roader bike is quite an amazing experience. You don’t have to worry about cops, speed limits and even if you manage to fall, you can be sure about not hitting your head on the pavement but instead some plain old dirt. You can experience the same thrill in Laos where you can get off the beaten path on two wheels on the countryside roads exploring the land. There are a few popular motorbikes companies in Laos offering you the experience where they take you on a few days tour to for adventure and exploration. Some even offer self-guided adventures for people willing to do solo tours.

Your trips need not always be about seeking wanderlust because now you know which places to head in Asia for your next adventure fix. Bookmark these destinations in your itinerary today itself.


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