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First of all, thanks to all my followers for inspiring me by liking, commenting, and sharing different posts/pages of my blog. It means a lot to me, like any other bloggers. Thanks a lot…

While I am working on my next and final post on Jerusalem (its a longgg one :/) just thought to give you some updates on our upcoming trips. We have already got our tickets bought and hotels booked for all the MAJOR trips until February 2013 (given nothing will happen on December 21st, 2012). I capitalized the word “major” because I am not counting the nearby places which we will visit over the weekends in between those trip. We will be going to Cairo in December, Marrakesh
in January, and Amman/Petra in February. I am so very thrilled that finally I will be able to put my feet in the continent of Africa. Oh yeh, it’s a great feeling and something we all are anxiously looking forward to.

Before I take off, enjoy the following fall photos from our Tervuren Park. My almost-7 years old daughter and I actually managed to get up at 7 in the morning last Sunday to go to this lovely park, only 5 minutes drive from our home, to take some pictures of the sunrise. But we didn’t expect to see 50 shades of fall colors in the woods. She enjoyed her first sunrise while I enjoyed taking some shots of a magical wintery-autumn morning of Belgium.

A magical morning in Tervuren, Belgium
Autumn in full swing in Tervuren Park, Belgium
The first ray of sun on the lake in Tervuren Park, Belgium

11 Comments on “This and that

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  2. All the pictures are great. I love the colors. My favorite is the bench such an amazing shot.


  3. Wow you are so lucky that you live in such wonderland. It’s beautiful there. I live in Las Vegas, USA. Here is the desert. Fall is almost invisible. Leaves go from green to brown. So no, I will not be going to our closest park to see the sunrise any time soon… Lol


    • Ahhh, Vegas…it has its own beauty. We are from Portland, OR…where fall comes early and its magnificent when it arrives. This park reminded me of the fall colors we used to see in our neighborhood…lovely.


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