One Lovely Blog Award

Wow, I was once again nominated for One Lovely Blog Award by one of my followers This is a great blog with so many beautiful travel pictures. Thanks Anil for this awesome gift.


Here are the rules that come with accepting this nomination:

(a) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post (and put in the logo)

(b) Share 7 things about yourself

(c) Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire

(d) Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know

a) Once again a big thanks to Anil from for this beautiful recognition, it’s always nice when someone appreciate your work.

b) Here are 7 things about myself

1) I am a mother of 2 beautiful and intelligent daughters Tahira (6 1/2) and Umayra (2 1/2).

2) I believe in God and I also believe that every event of our lives has a specific purpose behind it, which we, humans, can’t sometimes grasp.

3) Italy is my most favorite country out of all the countries I’ve visited so far in Europe.

4) I miss my motherland, Bangladesh, very much but it scares me when I think about living there for the rest of my life.

5) I sometimes crave for good sushi and Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell (which we don’t get in Belgium).

6) My sisters are my best friends.

7) I wish we all could live happily ever after in one big house, so I wouldn’t have missed my loved ones who live far far away from me.

c) Here are 15 great blogs that I think should be nominated for this award:
















7 Comments on “One Lovely Blog Award

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  2. Thanks for linking my blog.
    If you don’t mind, do you know Bengali since you are from BD? I am from Calcutta, India,


    • Hey Anil, yes I do know how to read and write in Bengali, I was born in Chittagong, BD and stayed there until 14, when my family moved to America. Good to know you are from Calcutta, amar ma Murshidabad theke, but later moved to BD…


      • Hi GlobeRunner,
        Good to know that apni Bangla janen. Banglay katha bola jabe. Murshidabad mane ei Bangla. Apni murshidabad dekhechen ki? Historical place. I had been there once.
        Bhalo laglo. Bhalo thakun.


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