Half a day in Doha, Qatar

Just got back from Jeddah, KSA three days ago. On our way to Jeddah, we had a stop over at Doha Int’l Airport in Qatar for 22 hours. Ofcourse who would miss that opportunity to visit this small but rich and very organized country? We spent a night in Movenpick Hotel near the airport. Next day our flight to Jeddah was at night. So we had the whole day to roam around the city. Not to mention, going from below freezing temperature in Belgium to a hot place was simply fabulous. Hope you enjoy the following pictures while I work on the page on Doha, Qatar with travel tips and other info.

Doha - A clean and organized city
Islamic Center of Doha
There were hundreds of pigeons at one of the gates of Souk Al Waqif
A restaurant in Souk Al Waqif, very plain yet elegant
Jallab - a sweet drink with nuts and rose water, perfect for a hot day
I had to take this picture of 2 Arabs in their thoubs smoking sheesha/hookah in Souk Al Waqif - classic
Giant pearl shell on Doha Corniche
Museum of Islamic Art on the background, Doha, Qatar
Entrance to the Musuem of Islamic Art
Islamic Calligraphy (some verses from Qu'ran) in Museum of Islamic Art
Another gorgeous calligraphic work in the Museum of Islamic Art
Back to hotel before heading towards the airport, needed my mint tea with a piece of Lindt

4 Comments on “Half a day in Doha, Qatar

  1. I love all of your pix. Bandhobi. such a wonderful catch!!!! 🙂 I was in Doha for 10 days and it was awesome!! Remember? I went to Leena’s wedding on the way to your’s one! 🙂 it reminded me my lonely travel days……….:)


    • Thx Rekha. Yeh, now that you said, I remember you were in Doha for Leena’s wedding. Its a beautiful city, wish I had more time to visit all the places.


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