How to Have an Awesome Bachelor Party Road Trip

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If your best friend is getting married and you are the best man, it’s your job to plan an awesome buck’s party. This is your friend’s last chance to enjoy being single, so you have to make the most of it.

A road trip is a great way to get out of town, have a blast and avoid awkward run-ins with the bride-to-be and any of her friends, so it’s a good idea to plan one for your friend’s upcoming buck’s party. To make the most of the night, consider these tips for planning an awesome buck’s road trip.

Enjoy the Ride There

If you’re taking a road trip, you don’t want the first few hours to be boring! If possible, consider booking a party bus for the trip — then, everyone can mingle and have a ball. If this isn’t an option, take the coolest ride out of yours and the party guests’, and bring along a lot of great music.

Bring Lots of Booze

Let’s face it — buck’s parties are all about the booze, so you have to ensure that there isn’t a shortage of it. If you’re going to be booking a hotel, take the time to stock the room with beer, liquor and plenty of mixers. Consider pooling in with the other guests to pay for the bachelor’s drinks for the night; if you’re going to be heading to a bar, it’s a good idea to do your research to find a place that has plenty of cheap drink specials. This will allow everyone to drink and be merry without ruining the fun by worrying about finances.

Make Sure There are Plenty of Girls

This is your buddy’s last chance to be a bachelor before his wedding day, so you have to make sure that it’s worth it. The most important thing is to plan a night that is filled with sexy girls to really make the most of your buddy’s buck’s party. Plan to head to a strip club, or hire strippers , topless barmaids and topless waitresses to perform at a hotel. To ensure that things are even more special, consider paying ahead of time for a special lap dance for your soon-to-be-married friend.

It is very important that you have a plan; don’t just figure it out when you get there. If you have a hotel reserved for those who are attending the party, consider hiring strippers from an entertainment agency like Cover Girl Strippers. It will make for a more private party, and the dancers might even be willing to do a special performance for the smaller crowd. Otherwise, do your research before choosing a strip club, and look for one that comes highly rated and that has hot girls and lots of alcohol.

As the best man, it’s your job to make sure that your friend’s buck’s party is as successful as possible. Luckily, following these three steps is sure to ensure that everyone has a good time.



Guest Post – 6 Reasons Why Venice Carnival is The Most Unique Festival in the World

Come February, dreamy Venice will shed off its winter blues and become one of the happiest cities in the world. The much awaited Venice Carnival which is by far the best festival in Venice is set to take place in early February and as usual, it promises to be an event that cannot be missed.

Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival

The Venice Carnival is all about letting go of you and abandoning all worries at play.You will be transported to whimsical, renaissance times with pompous costumes and gorgeous, handcrafted masks. The Venice Carnival showcases magnificently bespoke masks and costumes, all made especially for this occasion.  The carnival has its roots in the Renaissance period and was originally started as a celebration of victory in a battle in the year 1162. Since then, this baroque celebration has added grace to the prestigious image of Venice. Looking for a reason to plan a trip to Venice during the carnival? We’ll give you 6!

1. Masks, Masks and more Masks!

Masks are a signature of the Venice Carnival and they also are the real showstopper. It is often difficult to spot a bare face in the crowd of gorgeous masks during the Carnival. Probably started as a rebellion against the rigid class hierarchies, masks came to be the center piece of the celebration. Take your pick from the grotesque Bauta, jeweled Columbina, the outlandish Medico dellapeste or the velvet Moretta ; Venetian Masks are a piece of art and mask markers hold a prominent position in Venetian society.

2. Be Part  of a Real Life Zombie Walk

You read that right, you could star in your very own Walking Dead at the Venice Carnival. Only, instead of hunting for warm blood, you will be walking towards cold beers and Italian wine! ‘Zombies’ are taken from the Zattere area to Pescheria for an evening party where they can let their hair down and mingle with other zombies.

3. This is where All the Action is!

A variety of activities take place during the Carnival. La Biennale hosts some spell binding performances and activities for children. There are also a number of art exhibitions and sculpture displays that showcase artistes from around the world. The whole city lights up with festive cheer and the streets become a stage for fascinating dancers, actors, singers and also ordinary citizens who want to make most of otherwise forbidden liberties. If you prefer staying indoors, almost every hotel hosts a party or a performance during the festival, so there is no dearth of events to attend!

4. Feel like a part of a Fairytale in the Legendary Masked Ball

The highpoint of the Carnival is the Grand Masked Ball. Usually hosted in a resplendent palace, this masquerade ball is a sight to reckon, with exceptional costumes and intricate masks. From the grotesque to the gorgeous, people leave no stone unturned when it comes to making their costume the most unique one in the room. So get your creative juices flowing and pick out your best dancing shoes, this party is going to be ball of fun!

5. Experience the Flight of an Angel

As ridiculous as this might sound, you can actually witness an angel flying from a tower towards her Doge who holds a gift for her. Started in the 16th century as the ‘Flight of the Turk’, the event was eventually banned and reintroduced in 2001 with a minor celebrity who dresses as an angel and flies (more like zip-line’s) her way to her prince charming  at Doge. The flight marks the beginning of festivities at the Carnival.

6. La FestaDelle Marie

Historically started as a tribute to the sumptuous dowry given to twelve young brides annually, La Festadelle Marie has now become a major event in the Venice carnival.  12 young women arechosen as the stars of this glittering parade that goes from San Pietro in Castelloto Piazza San Marco which is the epicenter of the carnival.  A treat to the eyes, people flaunt their breathtaking costumes and masks and celebrate the spirit of the most fun festival in Europe.

Once in the grip of hedonism, the Carnival has since then taken a less aggressive demeanor and has become a celebration of the inimitable culture of Venice. It showcases an extraordinary city that has been a focal point of art and culture in Europe. To experience Venice in its true glory, a visit to the Venice Carnival is a must.

Venice Carnival costume

Venice Carnival costume

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Author Bio: Erica Brooks is a lover of traveling, languages, and cultures and a photo enthusiast. A constant mover, she has made it her mission to inspire people to travel, see and experience more of this awesome world.

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