Oslo, Norway

English: Picture of the Norwegian Parliament.
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We are going to Oslo, Norway end of September, 2011. My husband and I were so excited to see the cheap ticket online that we bought the ticket at 4 a.m…hehe.

After we bought the ticket then we saw that Norway is not part of European Union, and therefore we may have to get visa with our American passport or may be NOT. I will let you know once I add a page for Norway. We are staying there 3 nights and 2 days, as far as I have heard its enough to visit the city.

New in Tervuren, Belgium

The Royal Museum for Central Africa, seen from...
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Its been about 2 weeks now since we have moved to Tervuren, Belgium from Oregon, USA. The first few days were kinda crazy. We had to buy every little thing for our house from kitchen stuff to electronics to linens. Thank God that all the furniture were in place before we moved in. As I mentioned, its been about 2 weeks now and we still haven’t spoken anything in French or Dutch yet, except for Bonjour or Merci. Majority of the expats live in Tervure, therefore, if you are like me you will get by just knowing English.

Ok, that’s all for now. Will catch up later.

Our trip to Athens, Greece

Parthenon in Acropolis - Athens, Greece

Hello all,

here is the picture of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. we were there in the winter of 201o during the new year’s eve. enjoy

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