Flight Museum in Seattle

Since we moved to Portland, OR, we have visited Seattle way too many times to keep track of. Sometimes it was just us, sometimes with friends, sometimes with our families/guests from other states.

Seattle is only little more than 3 hours of drive from Portland and it’s one of the beautiful and diverse cities of the West Coast. The iconic landmark of Seattle has got to be the Space Needle in downtown. It’s surroundings and that square where it’s located is a thriving place to be at any time of the year. Tons of museums, cafes, and shops attract thousands of people from all over the world each year.

Another favorite spot in Seattle is Pike’s Place. From fresh produce to fish and meat to unique local items are sold here at different price ranges. Check out the first ever Starbucks coffee shop in Pike’s Place. This is considered to be as one of the top ten farmers’/outdoor market in the U.S.

I will keep adding more tourists’ attractions here as we visit more places in Washington or in Seattle to be specific.

  1. The Museum of Flight: This museum is one of the largest air and space museums in the world and attracts more than half a million visitors each year. Its library and archives are also the largest on the West Coast. Being affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution, this is a cool and educational place to be for both kids and adults.The collection includes more than 160 historically significant air and spacecraft along with world’s only full-scale NASA Space Shuttle Trainer.


Flight of Museum in Seattle, WA
Flight of Museum in Seattle, WA

One of the galleries my older daughter was really interested is out the WWI and WWII. Some of the original aircraft (and some replicas) are displayed here and my girls loved the Flight Simulators. Check out the Space Gallery for cool facts about NASA, the astronauts and their lives, future ventures, fun spacecrafts and gadgets. Visitors can explore more than 50 historic aircraft in the Great Gallery, including world’s only remaining M-21 Blackbird. Red Burn shows the birthplace of the Boeing Company in its original manufacturing plant, which includes rare aircraft, a factory workshop, and exhibits on the early history of American aerospace. One of my favorites was the Aviation Pavilion which is a covered outdoor area containing 19 rare and unique commercial/military aircraft from the 1930s to the present. When you are there, make sure to go inside Boeing 747 or 787, Concorde, FedEx Air Cargo, and finally, a luxurious Dreamliner.

Flight of Museum in Seattle, WA
Flight of Museum in Seattle, WA

The museum is open daily (except for Thanksgiving and Christmas) from 10 am to 5pm. There is a cafe, called Wing Cafe, has lots of options and a fun souvenir shops in the building. Make sure to spend at least couple hours to half a day here.

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