Step Away From The Sand! Alternative Summer Vacations For Beach Bums

Does your idea of a vacation involve switching between a sun lounger by the pool and a towel laid out on the glistening golden sands? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional summer beach holiday, but with so much to see and do, why not opt for something a little different for 2017? If you’re a self-confessed beach bum, and you’re hoping to try something new, here are some options to get you thinking.

The adventure break

If your summer vacation is usually a sedate affair, why not consider going out of your comfort zone and booking an adventure break instead? You can challenge yourself, enjoy a diverse range of activities and discover life in the great outdoors. You don’t have to spend every single minute up a mountain or trying to negotiate river rapids. There are plenty of places where you can combine action-packed activities with relaxation. If you visit Iceland, for example, you can wind down in a natural thermal pool after a day of hiking or kayaking. If you’ve been biking through the mountainous valleys of the Swiss Alps, you can treat yourself to a massage at a spa afterwards. If you tend to spend your days off basking in the sunshine, this kind of trip offers something completely different, and you may be surprised at how much you love it.


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Sailing the seas

If you’re not willing up to give up relaxing in the sunshine, but you’re up for leaving the beach for a while, sailing holidays are a great option. You can explore fascinating places, swim and snorkel to your heart’s content, see the sights, and spend plenty of time catching rays out on the deck. Whether you’re traveling with your partner, a friend or a large group, you can choose from a variety of options including yacht holidays and cruises. Check out some itineraries online, find out about excursions, and start planning your trip. If you’re looking for ideas for locations, the Greek Islands and the Caribbean are excellent places to start.


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The cultural experience

Many of us go away to chill out and recharge our batteries, but traveling is also a great opportunity to learn new things and immerse ourselves in a different culture. If you’re used to spending your holiday in a hotel, or you rarely venture further than the nearest beach, why not broaden your horizons and discover a new culture this summer? If you’re keen on history and architecture, places like Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam may be appealing options. If you visit Thailand, you can learn all about the history and culture, visit monuments, monasteries, and temples, and enjoy a few days on the picture postcard beaches.


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Does your summer holiday consist of kicking back and soaking up the sun? Most people love a beach vacation, but sometimes, change is a good thing. There’s a whole world out there ripe for exploration, so why not give the beach a break this year, and do something different? Celebrate your adventurous side, learn new things, sail the seas and enjoy once in a lifetime experiences. You won’t regret it!

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