Here’s How To Do An Adults Vacation To Disneyland


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There will be times in your life when you take holidays with the whole family. However, there will also be occasions when you want to take an adults only holiday!

If you’re headed towards California, visiting Disneyland Park will probably be pretty high on your agenda. Well, your ideal agenda, anyway. You may also have some concern that Disneyland Park is a place for kids, parents and not much else.

However, you are more than welcome in Disneyland Park too! Balance a trip here with some other adult-friendly activities for an incredible vacation. Who says you need to have a toddler to get a photo with Minnie anyway!

First up, how do you do an adults-only trip to Disneyland? First off, you relax! No one is there to judge you. At all of the Disney parks, from Paris to Florida to California, grown up are welcome. Take photographs (or selfies) with your favorite characters, and get in the queue for rollercoaster. Treat yourself to your favorite food and take photographs for your social media accounts and friends. For many, just wandering around the park will be enough entertainment and amusement. Also be aware that the newer park, Disney California Adventure, has more rides in it that are aimed at adults. Handily, the entrance is right opposite Disneyland Park!

As for your accommodation, and where you’ll stay. Combine the thrill of staying in a Disney hotel with adult perks. Namely, a luxury spa and a handful of treatments. After all, you’ll need it after a day or two of roller coasters and walking! The Disney Grand Californian Hotel and Spa offers a Bali-inspired spa to take away any tensions. The sound of children crying that is ringing in your ears is sure to have gone after a ‘Mandara Spa Ritual’ or ‘Sunrise Awakening’. If you’re on your honeymoon or wedding anniversary, you and your partner could even enjoy a ‘Couples Retreat Ritual’! Book into this hotel for you accommodation and you won’t have to walk far at all once you’re done!


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However, there is more than just Disneyland in this area! Are you a sports fan? There are a few incredible stadiums and sports venues in the area! How about watching a baseball game at the
The Angel Stadium of Anaheim? Or if ice hockey is your thing, the Honda Center right across the road from the Angel Stadium is where you’ll want to head!

Let’s not forget how much natural beauty there is in this part of the country, too. 58 acres of the Anaheim Hills are taken up by the Oak Canyon Nature Centre. Here you can find three adjoining canyons, a stream and four miles of hiking trails. There are also a number of other stunning parks and areas of natural beauty in the area.

For arts and culture, how about ending your stay with a night at Pearson Park? In the summer, the Amphitheatre here hosts a variety of events. From theater to music to movies, tickets are super cheap, and the surroundings are gorgeous.



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  1. With so much to see and do at Disneyland, it only makes sense to plan and prepare. Many people think that they can just buy their tickets, board the plane, be on their merry way……WRONG! There is so much to see and do. If you plan and prepare well for your trip, you will be spending your time at a more relaxed pace. Whether you are planning a trip to the original Disneyland in California or the Walt Disney World of Orlando, Florida, you are in for a very special treat here are some other great was to make it possible.


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