How To Feel The Travel Fear And Do It Anyway!

Whether you’re taking a gap year, moving countries or just planning a summer holiday, it can make for a scary time.

However, no matter what the journey ahead entails, it is so important to remember that fear is not a weakness. It is a natural human instinct that we all have, and have had since we were cave men. Being afraid is not what is important, it’s what you do about it. So, feel it, accept it, and then find a way to quell it.

So, with that in mind, read on for ways that you can feel the fear and do your travelling anyway!


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Travel with a friend

If the main anxiety and fear you hold is about travelling alone, consider going with a friend. They don’t even have to come for the whole journey. They could just help you get settled into a new home. They could just take you to the airport. Allow yourself to be supported by those who love you. You’ll then also have someone to share any fears or doubts with. Sometimes just saying your worries out loud takes a weight off your shoulders.

Keep in touch with loved ones

Even if you are travelling solo, it doesn’t’ mean you are ‘alone’. Thanks to all the many advancements of technology, there are dozens of ways to keep in touch. Use Skype for video calls. Use Whatsapp to send free text messages. Keep everyone updated on your journey and experiences on Facebook and Twitter. Connect yourself with those at home and you’ll feel far less distant.

Accept that you may feel homesick

From international pop stars to Prime Ministers, everybody is susceptible to homesickness. However, it’s important to remember that it is entirely natural and normal. It will pass in time. There is a wonderful guide on how to overcome any feelings of homesickness over on The Leap.

Be inspired by literature

Inspiration is something that can keep us all motivated. Luckily, it can found in lots of places. Look in books; Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is all about living a creative life and being bold and brave. Or, re-read your favourite poems. Poetry is filled with courage and stories. Walt Whitman is one such poet who wrote “Not I, nor anyone else, can travel that road for you. You must travel it yourself.” Find his words and read them.

Make a Pinterest account

Away from fiction and poetry, one perfect place to find travel inspiration is actually online. If you don’t already have a Pinterest board, now is the time to get one. It allows you to collect images of your destination and save them. Then, if  fear creeps in, remember that they inspired you once and can inspire you again. Go back and look at the images and photographs again. For example, if you are fearing a long flight to New Zealand, refocus yourself on what you will see when you get there. Distract yourself with what the future will hold, and it will make the present seem less intimidating.

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