Why You Need To Think About The Summer Holidays Right Now

It may seem a little bit soon to be thinking about the summer holidays, but it’s incredible how time really does fly. It’s almost impossible to believe that we are already nearly a week into March! The days are getting longer; the nights are getting brighter, which means one thing – Summer is just around the corner.

So, it’s time to get your thinking caps on. If you haven’t got anything organized yet, you need to decide what you actually want to do. If you require booking leave from work, then you ought to do that as soon as possible. There are so many choices! Do you want to get away from home and venture onto foreign soil? Or are you planning on staying at home? The choice is yours.


picture: Janie H

Whatever you decide to do, you’ve got to keep your offspring busy. The refrain of “I’m bored!” is not something you want to hear from your children in the holidays. Attempting to keep kids amused when they’re off school can be a difficult task. And it’s also expensive. If you haven’t started trying to save some cash for the holidays then now is a good time to start. Even if you can only afford to put aside a few pennies each week, you’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up. And every little helps, especially when you’re trying to entertain the little ones. Once they get bigger, children seem to cost even more than ever. A toddler might be over the moon with a sweetie that costs 50p. Your teenager is likely to be less impressed; they often only reach such levels of joy and gratitude with something expensive.

Vacationing in a resort where there is entertainment laid on for kids is a good idea to keep them amused. This can be done with not much effort on your part. It’ll give you some time to yourself too. Relaxing on holiday can be difficult when you’ve got your kids around all day and night.  You can go all inclusive, too, which might just save some money. If you prefer less intense surroundings, then there are other options. Why not take them exploring? Scoping out a place you’ve never been to before is educational and fun. Touriocity offers a bespoke “guided tour” service from natives of places all over the world. Getting shown round by someone who knows your destination like the back of their hand will save you time. You’ll certainly get the lowdown on what somewhere is really like.

If you’re staying on home turf, then there is likely to be a whole load of stuff going on that you didn’t even know about. Check local listings, libraries and newspapers to get all the details on child-friendly activities in your area. Many places like swimming pools and museums put on special events aimed at kids (and parents!) during the holidays. Your local Children’s Centre may have fun things planned too, so pay them a visit!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start getting ready for the summer holidays. Make the summer of 2016 your best one yet!

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