Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

Here are two pictures for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry.

I took this first picture in Basel, Switzerland. This is Basel Theater located right beside a beautiful neo-Gothic church, Elisabethkirchen.

Basel Theater, an example of fine contemporary architecture of Basel, Switzerland


Second picture is our very own St. Gudule & St. Michel Cathedral in the heart of Brussels center. Not only this one in particular, but everytime I look at old churches or mega-sized cathedral the first thing that comes to my mind is geometry…Thanks to the talented, medieval designers and architects who built those marvelous edifice to entertain our eyes…


St. Michael & St. Gudule Cathedral in Brussels, Belgium

2 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

  1. I’m a huge fan of these old cathedrals – I haven’t been in nearly enough of them – I love them for their beauty, their atmosphere, their histories – my first thought on looking at them is, “how did they ever do it?!”


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