Weekly Photo Challenge – Foreign

After moving to Belgium as an ex-pat last year and traveling to so many new places, I’ve got hundreds of pictures that look “foreign” to me. I was going thru some of those photos (and also going down the memory lane while looking at them) I finally picked 4 pictures that I usually don’t see in my daily life. Hope you enjoy them as much I did when I first saw these …

First picture is of the unusually shaped cubic houses of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. These fun architectures were built somewhere in 1970s. We went inside one of these houses. It is a bit tight inside with all the furniture and other stuff, but if I was a single I wouldn’t mind living in one of these fun-looking apartments.

Cubic houses in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Second picture is something that I am not used to seeing normally…carrying breads/grocery in baskets. I took this picture in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This is very common among the locals to stuff their products in these different sizes and shapes of baskets.

We saw many locals carrying these baskets with grocery/bakery inside covered with cute, lacey fabric…very unique I thought

Third picture was taken from our trip to Doha, Qatar. You may think its weird (haha), but I thought this was a classic picture of two arabs smoking sheesha wearing traditional thoub and turban. Sheesha is very popular among westerners now a days but being in Middle-East and see the locals doing it is something very unique.

I had to take this picture of 2 Arabs in their thoubs smoking sheesha/hookah in Souk Al Waqif – classic

And the last picture was taken in Keukenhof, The Netherlands. We were there in April, 2012 for the big flower parade and tulip festival. We were hungry and decided to try this traditional Dutch food raw herring fish with onions…to my surprise, I actually liked it, so did my 6 years old daughter. I won’t deny it was very fishy but chopped onion adds loads of flavor to it…I don’t mind trying it again if I am really starving :/

Raw herring with onions

7 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Foreign

  1. Interesting photos – I wonder what the interior of those homes is like … might always feel like I was living on the edge … and the smoked herring … hmmmm, not so much. 🙂


    • Thanks for your visit Lynne, you can view the interior of these houses under Rotterdam on the right side bar and this herring fish is not smoked….raw, which is not really my cup of tea….lolz. But I think they soak it in lemon juice or vinegar for little while


    • Haha Bev, I know what you mean, I kinda liked it but I dont think I would try that again, it leaves an after taste in your mouth (which some people actually like)


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