Kasteel Keukenhof (Keukenhof Castle) in Holland

This is my 3rd and final post on our trip to the Tulip Festival in Keukenhof, the Netherlands last weekend…I promise.

Last day, which was a Sunday, in Keukenhof was very easy going. We have already seen the flower parade and tulip garden on Saturday. Sunday was the day we wanted to visit Keukenhof Castle or Kasteel Keukenhof, which was only 5 minutes of walk from the garden. The castle can only be accessed by a guided tour (1 pm and 3 pm everyday) and the tour was about hour and half long. The surrounding of the castle and the nearby gardens are very calm and beautiful too.

The history of this castle goes back to the mid-17th century. The most amazing part of this castle is that many of the furniture and belongings of this castle are from the original owners from couple centuries back. For example, the bookcase and books/encyclopedia in the library; sink, oven, and the stove in the kitchen, some decors, paintings, some China and original Delft serving wares, and chandeliers (just to name few of those) are still in display in the castle. The castle was donated to the state by its owner in 2003. Now it is being used as a venue for private parties as well as for concerts, fairs, and festivals.

We had wonderful time visiting Kasteel Keukenhof, hope you get some taste of it thru my pictures here.

Exterior of Keukenhof Castle
The front room of the castle
A tulip vase with fresh tulips
One of the rooms in the castle
An old, rusty teapot
An original Venetian chandelier, look at the detailed work
The sink with traditional Dutch design (may be by Delft) in the family dinning room
A beautiful hut outside the castle, which is now used as a restaurant

8 Comments on “Kasteel Keukenhof (Keukenhof Castle) in Holland

    • Yeh, there was no sign of the castle there, only near the entrance. It was only 5 minutes walk from the garden. Thanks for visiting


  1. Wow, these photos are great- such detail, you feel like you’re really there!


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