Best Lebanese food in France?

Ok, so we still haven’t visited Lebanon yet. But I have tried shwarma, kebap, kefta kebab many times in USA. But nothing comes close to what we had tonight in a small village of France in between Grasse and Cannes, called Mougins. We came to Marseilles this afternoon, then drove about 2 hours to come to our hotel in Mougins. After checking in, we all were very hungry, since the tasteless French pizza and pasta didn’t really fill us up for lunch. The reception guy told us to go to the old village center of Mougins and try out some cafes there. So we did. The streets to go to the old town were very quiet and beautiful, also enjoyed the view of some villas while driving up the hill. The GPS told us to make a turn at one point, but the streets here are so narrow that our car kinda got stuck while trying to make that right turn. Anyway, we just parked the car and decided to walk. Then walked up the small hilly alleys to go the “old village center”, which is barely just a block or two. No tourists were seen since its not really popular spot for visitor during the winter season. But this has to be one of the coziest, and most beautiful villages I have seen so far. The town kept its 16th or 17th century (may be older) look, and it felt awesome to walk up the tiny alleys, surrounded by old buildings and villas. The best part was that you get a night view of whole city once in a while from few of the beautifully decorated alleys.

Anyways, we went to this Lebanese restaurant that looked very nice inside and out.  The waiter was even nicer and after we tasted our shwarma and kebaps….we just went WOW. My husband was joking that shwarma (“chwarma” in French) tastes better here since we are so close to Lebanon. But whatever it is, couldn’t have a better evening than this. Later we were told by a local that this was one of the best Lebanese chain restaurants in France.

Next couple days we are planning to go to Grasse (world’s perfume capital) for a day, then Monaco for a day to see Monte Carlo Casino and famous Grand Prix racing area which attracts thousands of race car fans each year, then finally Cannes to check out the beaches. Hopefully we will get to enjoy more yummy food and pretty French Riviera all at the same time. If you want to visit these places check out the pages for these cities, Monaco and French Riviera.

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  1. I think you should start writing a book now. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


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